Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem von RTBmarkt

RTBmarkt stands for efficiency and transparancy – Tage advantage of the benefits of our technology and let the world of programmatic advertising enthuse you!

Technology made in Germany – Highest safety for highest performance

No matter where in Europe you are, we are right by your side! We value the European and the German legislation and therefore put great emphasis on the safety of our clients and the internet users.

Complete trading desk – From the media planning to the campaign evaluation

RTBmarkt offers individual and integrated solutions from a single source: from demand-side-platform (dsp), supply-side-platform through to a data-management-platform and a private marketplace. The all-in-one solution RTBmarkt minimizes your communication expenditures and communication errors while maximizing your efficiency. You get information on every process in our programmatic advertising ecosystem while you always have your own contact person by your side. Times of missing accords because of too many people involved are over!

Real Time Bidding Statistiken von RTBmarkt

Analysis & forecast – We provide you with the maximum of transparency

Our analysis & forecast function helps you to get a deeper understanding of the performance of your campaign. It gives you insights on the matching requests, the number of placed bids as well as the auctions won. This allows you to systematically analyse your campaign in order to reveal possible problems like a CPM that is set too low or a restriction on campaigns that are assigned to a sensitive category.

Open APIs – Easy connectivity options

The open RTBmarkt API aims at the interlinking of the online-marketing sector in order to make it even more efficient and individual. Through this API you can integrate RTBmarkt into your system landscape and therefore realise substantial synergy benefits. Get a sustainable competitive advantage by combining the best solutions available.

Offene API RTBmarkt
Hadoop Cluster

Highspeed through apache hadoop

The RTBmarkt technology is based on a haddop infrastructure that ensures lightningfast ad service response times as well as highly scalable dataprocesses. The hadoop cluster, that are hostet in Germany, also allow you to create individual reportings based on your wishes and needs. You can simply combine several reporting-attributes with each other in order to understand important relations.

Intelligent system

RTBmarkt is an intelligent system that constantly improves itself. This
RTBmarkt bildet ein intelligentes System ab, welches stets dazu lernt. Dies ermöglicht es uns neben wertvollen Insights für das Zielgruppen Targeting, wie etwa dem semantischen Targeting, Ihnen auch eine intelligente Kampagnenoptimierung zu bieten. Dabei studiert RTBmarkt die Statistiken Ihrer Programmatic Advertising Kampagne und optimiert Sie daraufhin.